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Stair Chairs

Stair chairs, also as known stairway chairs or staircase chairs, usually are made of high-strength aluminum alloy, widely used for transiting physically impaired individuals, pregnant, elderly, patients and so on from multi-story buildings, tall residential buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, colleges, etc.


As a professional EMS stair chairs manufacturer, we supply different emergency stair chairs: not only simple and portable emergency evacuation chairs but also heavy-duty and power motorized stair climber. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are looking forward to your inquiry.

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Electric Stair climbing wheelchair ST-G7

Power stairway evacuation chair is a perfect evacuating device, thanks to the electric motor and lithium battery, the evacuation chair can carry patients up and down stairs easily and safely.

Motorized Stair Climbing Chair ST-112

Motorized Stair Climbing Chair is a perfect mobility and evacuating device, thanks to the electric motor driven by lithium battery, this motorized stair climbing chair can carry patients up and down stairs easily and safely.

Stairway Evacuation Chair ST-108

As a Chinese professional evacuation chairs manufacturer, we supply different kinds evacuation chairs with more competitive price and better quality. Stairway evacuation chairs are specially designed and produced for the smooth descent of stairways in the event of an emergency.

Transport Stair Chair Stretcher ST-101

Stair chair stretchers, made of high-strength aluminum, is standard and classical transporting patient device; featured with its' simple style and competitive price; very popular in the market.

Power Stair Climbing Hand Truck ST-G2

The Power Stair Climbing Hand Truck is specially designed for transporting goods up and down stairs, which can spare much human labour. The delicate motor and track system carry the weight, reducing the risk when on the stairs. The operator position, adjustability of handles, angle of the glide track and the sliding rubber belt make it very safe and fast when transporting goods on the stairs.

Powered Stair Hand Truck with Platform ST-G3

The electric-powered stair climbing hand truck has different names across the internet, whether they are called stair walkers, barrows, trucks or trolley, they are basically powered trucks that have lifting motors built-in to the unit. This enables it loads up to 300 kg upstairs and downstairs by one person. Batteries can be charged at any standard electric point. It is ideal for goods such as maneuvering crates, boxes, white goods, etc. An electric stair climber provides the perfect solution to lifting heavy and difficult loads up and downstairs. We are dedicated to offering qualified stair climbing and stair walker solutions.