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Electric wheelchair

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ST-EW02 Adjustable off-road electric wheelchair

The machine body is thickened and shaped in one, with sufficient materials, bearing 200kg. Shell thickness up to 5.33m. EABS brake system, quick and smooth start, smooth speed change, instant brake stop not slippery slope not slippery slope intelligent speed control, rear wheel double drive, no pressure climbing. The direction bar can be adjusted back and forth to meet the needs of different groups.Comfort levels. Extra thick seats for a comfortable ride

ST-EW01 Sofa seat Shake reducing electric wheelchair

This Power wheelchair is designed for handicapped, patient, old people,etc. it is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. There are anti-shock system that make for a smoother, people drive comfortable especially on the rough road. We also have electromagnetic brake that ensure the safety.

ST-EW10 Multi-function user benefited electric wheelchair

Aluminum alloy frame, stable, beautiful, no rust. Lengthen backrest, add high pillow design, multi - function, adjust height as you like. Legs open and close design, convenient for users up and down the wheelchair. Intelligent universal controller, waterproof and moisture-proof against radio interference.

ST-EW12 Portable and foldable electric wheelchair

Light, fast folding, convenient for the elderly comfortable travel, the use of imported controller and motor, for travel to increase a security guarantee.

ST-EW13 Full automatic GPS electric wheelchair

It is the new type of electric wheelchair, it is fully controlled by Phone. full-automatic folded by one button and put into the car trunk easily. Release the break on the ramp way, doesn't slide. The imported brushless motor has long life with good quality.