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Disinfection Supply Center

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Advanced Ultraviolet Air Sterilizer

This ultraviolet air sterilizer adopts the indoor circulating air method. It works through a variety of physical filtration means, combined with a high-intensity C-band ultraviolet device, this air purifier can quickly filter the indoor dust particles. Meanwhile, it can directly kill bacteria and viruses, cut off the air transmission route of diseases, reduce indoor air pollution, and improve air quality. The UV air disinfector is exclusively designed for the man-machine coexistence environment development and design. It is remarked as the modern green disinfection product as it can meet the disinfection standard and will not produce harmful substances to the human body.

Automatic Stainless Steel Drying Cabinet

DSC076 drying cabinet is designed especially for drying surgical instruments, anesthetic hoses & equipment, as well as other reusable items used in healthcare. It always works together with washer-disinfectors to achieve the best clean effect. Its drying chamber can accommodate two full loads from the washers. The sound and heat insulated double walls of the cabinet are made of premium 304 stainless steel. This drying cabinet is available as a single door or pass-through model left or right hinged. We can adjust this part according to your custom requirements. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Cassette Autoclave

Cassette autoclave is a tiny and fast impulse vacuum sterilizer, which only takes 9-12 minutes to complete sterilization. This compact size autoclave is usually used in the stomatology department, otolaryngology department, ophthalmology department, and operating rooms.

Cold Plasma Air Conditioning System

This plasma air conditioner adopts SPIC (super energy ion generator) to instantaneously excite trillions of positive and negative ions, which can achieve an extremely strong disinfection effect in a very short time. DSC086 mainly consists of a fan, a primary filter, a plasma module, and an activated carbon molecular filter. It is safe to use and there is no smell, no radiation, and no corrosion of equipment during sterilization. Its high-efficiency is far beyond the high-intensity ultraviolet. So it is an energy-saving, convenient, and cost-effective apparatus.

Hospital Medical Equipment Automatic Desktop Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

What is an ethylene oxide sterilizer? This compact size desktop is a rectangle structure sterilizer that is popular to be the first choice of labs. It comes with high-efficiency spectrums so the Eto gas sterilizer is capable of conducting thorough sterilization. It is a smart sterilizer running with a fully automatic control system, one-click start to end, the whole process is completed automatically. And it only takes a small space, which is extremely suitable for crowded labs full of a variety of equipment.

Large Capacity Ultrasound Cleaner Solution

DSC074 is our company’s ultrasonic cleaner product that is produced based on the introduction of similar foreign products to improve the quality and function. It is carefully designed and dedicated to the hospital supply room, operating room, laboratory, and other kinds of medical laboratories for apparatus cleaning. This ultrasonic cleaning machine is composed of a cleaning sink, ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic transducer, heating tube, temperature sensor, water level sensor, drainage pump, material basket, pipeline, and etc. This stainless steel equipment is widely employed in the healthcare field, functioning on washing, disinfecting, and drying surgical instruments, glass vessels, anesthesia equipment, and plastic products.