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Water Filtration System for Biochemical Analyzer

The biochemical ultra-pure water making machine is intended to work together with biochemical analyzers when needs chemiluminescence(LIS) and analyze medical tests(Pathology). It is widely applied in LIS, Pathology, Pharmacy Department, and CSSD. And the Pure Water Making Machine is ideal for non-critical laboratory applications, such as glassware rinsing, hydroponics, water baths, feed water for humidifiers, autoclaves, glassware washers, washing machines; and Feedwater for ultrapure water systems. This ultra-pure water machine adopts an intelligent control system that has functions of lack of water, failure of consumables, expiry of consumables, water leakage, water overflow alarm, automatic fault detection, self-test, abnormal water quality parameter setting, various operation data storage, customer password protection function, and etc.

pure water making machine