Biochemical Analyzer

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Semi-auto biochemical analyzer for labs

It is a semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer which is capable of performing the hormonal assay, electrolytes, drug-enzyme investigations, and routine biochemistry. It offers a wide range of test templates for common substances, with analyzers directed toward nutrient and bioreactor byproduct detection. An automated biochemistry analyzer can focus on analytes, such as drugs of abuse, electrolytes, specific proteins, as well as enzyme and metabolite tests for renal, cardiac, and liver function. We manufacture high-quality biochemistry analyzers at an affordable price. So please feel free to contact us if you have any interest in this product.

Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

An automated analyzer is a medical laboratory instrument designed to measure different chemicals and other characteristics in a number of biological samples quickly, with minimal human assistance. These measured properties of blood and other fluids may be useful in the diagnosis of disease.

Semi-auto Clinical Chemistry Analyzer for Medical

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer AO-CLS002 is a new concept designed for clinical chemistry analyzing a system for biochemical research and clinical diagnostics. Powerful data process function makes it easy to perform data management and statistics: the report may be in a single test or with completed patient data, which will be convenient for clinical diagnostics. This semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer can measure all blood elements and print on the built-in printer as indicated in the features section. The $BAS-100 TS$ is open to being used with all brands of biochemistry reagents.

Digital semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer

The Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer AO-CLS003 measures biochemical indexes by analyzing blood and other body fluid, then combines with other clinical information, to help diagnose disease, evaluate organ function, identify the disease gene and determine the norm for future therapy. It is modern testing equipment that effectively provides reliable data support for medical laboratories

Clinical chemistry analyzers for medical use

The Clinical Biochemistry Analyzer is an instrument that uses the pale yellow supernatant portion (serum) of a centrifuged blood sample or a urine sample and induces reactions using reagents to measure various components, such as sugar, cholesterol, protein, enzyme, etc. These tests are performed for routine health checks or at hospitals, and the results provide objective data enabling early detection and diagnosis of disease, as well as indicating the effects of treatment and patient prognosis.